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Photovoltaic disconnect switch

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  • 26PV4080
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 4P 800A front operation SIRCO
    €1,744.62 €1,453.85
  • 21PV2102 - SIRCO MC PV 30A-IEC 600VDC PHOTOVOLTAIC Load Break Switch rear mount 2P DC - SOCOMEC
    SIRCO MC PV 30A-IEC 600VDC photovoltaic disconnect switch rear mount 2P DC
    €53.75 €44.79
  • 26PV4050
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 4P 500A Front operation SIRCO
    €813.89 €678.24
  • 26PV4040
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 4P 400A front operation SIRCO
    €411.47 €342.89
  • 21PV4754 - Sectionneur DC photovoltaïque 40A 1000VDC SIRCO MC PV - Socomec
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 40A 1000VDC SIRCO MC PV
    €77.81 €64.84
  • 26PV2031
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 2P 315A Front operation SIRCO
    €323.94 €269.95
  • 21PV3722 - Sectionneur DC photovoltaïque 25A 1000VDC - Socomec
    Photovoltaic disconnect switch 25A 1000VDC SIRCO MC PV
    €58.57 €48.81
  • 21PV3124 - SIRCO MC PV 40A-IEC 600 VDC Photovoltaic Rear Mount 3P(2/1) DC Load Break Switch - SOCOMEC
    SIRCO MC PV 40A-IEC 600 VDC Photovoltaic Rear Mount 3P(2/1) DC Disconnect switch
    €59.10 €49.25
  • 21PV3124 - Sectionneur DC photovoltaïque 40A 600VDC SIRCO MC PV - montage rail DIN ou fond d'armoire - Socomec
    SIRCO MC PV 40A 600VDC photovoltaic DC isolating switch - DIN rail or back panel mounting
    €59.08 €49.23
  • 21PV2202 - SIRCO MC PV 30A-IEC 600VDC Photovoltaic Load Break Switch Door Mount 2P DC - SOCOMEC
    SIRCO MC PV 30A-IEC 600VDC Photovoltaic Disconnect switch Door Mount 2P DC
    €60.48 €50.40
  • 19PV4320
    UL 4P 3200A Motorised SIRCO PV Disconnect switch Front Operation
    €6,147.30 €5,122.75
  • 19PV4080
    SIRCO 4P 800A Motorised PV Disconnect switch Front Operation
    €2,386.50 €1,988.75
Items 1 - 12 of 83
Welcome to our dedicated category for photovoltaic DC disconnect switches. At Optim-Elec, we understand the importance of safety and efficiency in managing your photovoltaic circuits. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of disconnect switches specifically designed for your photovoltaic needs.

The Socomec Range: A Benchmark for Safety and Performance

1. SIRCO MC PV Disconnect Switches: 25 to 40 A, up to 1000 VDC

Our SIRCO MC PV disconnect switches are perfect for ensuring the safe disconnection of photovoltaic circuits. Capable of opening and closing under load, they provide an optimal solution for controlling photovoltaic systems.

2. SIRCO MV PV Disconnect Switches: 63 to 160 A

Designed for more robust applications, the SIRCO MV PV disconnect switches effectively manage currents ranging from 63 to 160 A. Their ability to operate under load ensures enhanced safety.

3. SIRCO PV: 100 to 3200 A, up to 1500 VDC

The SIRCO PV are the cream of the crop of manual disconnect switches. Ideal for breaking and closing photovoltaic circuits up to 1500 VDC, they offer unmatched performance and safety.

4. INOSYS LBS: 160 to 1600 A, up to 2000 VDC

INOSYS LBS stands out for its capacity to handle up to 2000 VDC, a first in the market. These manual disconnect switches are essential for the safe disconnection of all low-voltage electrical circuits and for emergency cut-off applications.

Why Choose Our Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches?

  • Optimal Safety: All our products are designed to ensure reliable and efficient safety disconnection.
  • Wide Range of Capacities: Whether it’s for small residential installations or large industrial projects, our range covers all needs.
  • Compliance with Standards: Our disconnect switches meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring performance and durability.
  • Versatility: Our products are suited for various configurations, whether grounded, floating, or bipolar.
At Optim-Elec, we are committed to providing superior quality solutions for your photovoltaic installations. Browse our selection of photovoltaic DC disconnect switches and find the perfect product for your needs. For any questions or to get a customized quote, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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