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Insulation monitoring

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What is an insulation monitoring?

Insulation monitorings prove to be essential allies for preventive or predictive maintenance programs, designed to detect potential equipment failures before they occur. They are particularly suitable for monitoring a wide range of high voltage equipment, including switching mechanisms, motors, generators and cables.


What is the purpose of an isolation monitor?

  • The main objective of these monitor is to assess the state of electrical insulation.
Despite the expected path of the current along the conductor, losses occur due to various elements. Even with insulation protecting copper or aluminum conductors, some of the current escapes. This electrical leak can damage circuits and machines.
  • Insulation controls are used to assess the effectiveness and safety of the insulation.
Extreme environmental conditions such as excessive heat, cold, moisture, vibration, dirt, oil and corrosion can all contribute to degradation, justifying regular checks to identify problems before they cause damage or equipment failure.
  • To assess the integrity of the insulation, its resistance to current must be measured.
A high level of resistance indicates a minimal exhaust current through the insulation, while a low resistance indicates a noticeable current leakage through and along the insulation.

The goals of insulation control include:

  • Quality control at the time of manufacture of a piece of electrical equipment.
  • The installation requirement to ensure compliance with specifications and check the correct connection.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance.
  • The troubleshooting tool.

By providing reliable and interference-free results, insulation controllers stand out as a safe and easy-to-use solution, ideal for troubleshooting, commissioning and preventive maintenance activities.

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