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Modular disconnect switch

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Items 1 - 12 of 24

Socomec SIRCO Modular Disconnect Switch – A Blend of Innovation and Reliability

Introducing the SIRCO M and SIRCO MV Models

The Socomec SIRCO modular disconnect switches, including the SIRCO M and SIRCO MV models, epitomize cutting-edge technology in electrical switching. Designed for manual operation, these multipolar, modular devices provide a dependable solution for making or breaking a load, as well as for the safe disconnection in low voltage electrical circuits.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Complete Integration: The SIRCO M and MV ranges are engineered for the full integration of disconnecting, breaking, controlling, and switching functions. This versatility allows optimal use in various applications, particularly in machine control circuits.

2. Wide Range of Accessories: With a standard module, complemented by an extensive range of accessories, the SIRCO M and MV offer unparalleled flexibility. This approach ensures ease of device selection and effortless adaptation to a wide variety of applications, while minimizing management and storage costs.

3. Scalability: The available accessories allow for the evolution of the product even after installation, thus meeting changing functionality needs.

4. Compliance with International Standards: Full conformity with IEC 60947-3, UL508, and UL98 standards, ensuring quality and reliability that meet current demands.

Technical Characteristics


  • Clearly visible break.
  • Padded contacts.
  • Option for direct mounting on the door or side of the panel with the Door Mounting Kit.


  • Visible double break based on a sliding contact system.
  • Clearly visible break.

General Features:

  • Double break per phase.
  • Various mounting options: rail, plate, or modular panel installation.
  • Devices and accessories rated IP20.
  • Suitable for severe usage categories (AC-22 and AC-23).

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