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Smart time switches

FINDER SCHNEIDER and LETTEL smart time switches range

Optim-Elec offers three major brands of modular clocks:

  • The complete range of intelligent FINDER time switches with NFC technology to program and manage in an optimized way the switching on and off of lights, according to the time and/or the geogaphic position, is available in 6 models.
  • The CTS2 range, LETTEL, manufacturer of electrical equipment dedicated to the measurement and control of electrical circuits, offers modular clocks, daily or weekly timers, 1 or 2 inverters, which combine performance with ease of installation and use.
  • The SCHNEIDER IC100, IC2000, IC2000P+, IC100kp+, IC Astro range of twilight switches.

You will find in these three ranges, astronomical holograms, daily or weekly clocks, 1 or 2 reversers and twilight switches.

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Items 1 - 12 of 14


Smart Time switch

The time switch is a component of electrical systems used to regulate the duration of the power supply to an outlet or circuit. It can be used to program the automatic deactivation of electrical equipment.


What is a time switch used for?

The time switch is an electronic device used to control and program the timing of various systems and devices. Its main purpose is to manage and program activities according to predefined deadlines. It allows you to manage your energy consumption, avoiding waste and simplifying your daily routine.
Programmable time switches are widely used in industrial, commercial and residential environments to automate certain tasks, optimize resources and provide precise timing.


What are the different types of time switch?

There are different types:
  • digital time switches
  • analog time switches
  • modular astronomical clocks


What are the advantages of modular time switches?

The main advantage of the time switch is that it reduces energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary lighting.


How does the time switch work?

It works by programming a timer to power an electrical device. This module is called "modular" because it is designed to be installed on a DIN rail. Thanks to this programmable timer, the clock can switch an electrical device on or off according to a predefined time slot, automatically cutting off or activating the power supply after a predefined delay (e.g. 2 minutes, 15 minutes, 2 days, 1 week, etc.).
They offer two main functions:
  • Lighting timers are programmable boxes that control the duration of power supply, particularly for lighting. These devices are commonly installed in areas such as stairwells, bike rooms, garbage rooms and other high-traffic areas where people don't stay long.
  • Timers for controlling household appliances, for example, are used to program the switching on and off of a space heater, the switching off of an Internet box during the night, etc. These smart switches can also be used to activate household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater clock) during periods of reduced tariffs.


What can a time switch be paired with?

An electric clock can also be coupled with a motion detector, often placing it near company entrances or in garage aisles.


How to install a modular time switch?

They are generally designed to be mounted on DIN rails, simplifying installation.
Programming can be carried out in two ways, depending on the model: via set screws or buttons.
Depending on the type of device, they can be programmed in 15-minute intervals for electromechanical models, or down to the minute for digital versions.
Some models allow weekly rather than daily programming.
The former simply plug into a wall socket and are economical, making them ideal for domestic use. More professional models, similar to timers, are generally DIN rail-mounted.

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