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Automatic transfer switch

The offering of automatic transfer switches by Socomec, with its modular ATyS M series, provides efficient and reliable solutions, covering capacities from 40 to 160 A for various applications such as transformer/transformer and transformer/generator. The ATyS range, expanded from 125 to 3200 A, meets the evolving needs of users by offering automatic transfer switch for generator (ATyS g) and programmable transfer switches (ATyS p) with advanced energy management features, ensuring efficient and secure electrical distribution.

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What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

An Automatic Transfer Switch, also known as an ATS, is an essential device in backup power systems. Its primary role is to ensure a smooth transition between different power sources, guaranteeing continuous power supply in case of a blackout or changes in the main source. The use of an Automatic Transfer Switch is common in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, where uninterrupted power is crucial to maintaining operations and preventing any harm due to power outages.

Why Use an Automatic Transfer Switch?

Using an Automatic Transfer Switch offers several crucial advantages in electrical installations:
Uninterrupted Power: In the event of a power outage, the transfer switch automatically switches to the backup source, ensuring continuous power without interruption.
Process Automation: Automating the process of switching between power sources eliminates the need for human intervention, ensuring a quick and efficient transition.
Equipment Protection: By avoiding abrupt cuts and surges, the Automatic Transfer Switch contributes to protecting sensitive equipment from damage.
Adaptability: It can adapt to different configurations, such as switching between the electrical grid and a backup generator, ensuring flexibility in power supply.
Safety: The automatic separation of power sources ensures the safety of workers who might be repairing the main electrical network.

Socomec's Automatic Transfer Switch Offering


The ATyS M Series: Efficient and Safe Devices

Automatic transfer switches from Socomec's ATyS M series stand out for their efficiency and reliability. Available in single-phase or three-phase options with capacities ranging from 40 to 160 A, these modular devices provide robust solutions for managing transformer/transformer, transformer/generator, and more.


ATyS t M Automatic Transfer Switch

Specially designed for managing transformer/transformer applications, this automation system ensures a seamless transition between power sources, guaranteeing uninterrupted power. Advanced features include trigger functions, programmable settings, and communication options.

ATyS g M Modular Automatic Transfer Switch for Generators

Intended for managing transformer/generator applications, this switch offers optimal performance. Its ability to switch between different energy sources ensures a continuous power supply, even in case of failure of a specific source.

ATyS p M Programmable Modular Automatic Transfer Switch

Versatile and suitable for transformer/transformer and transformer/generator configurations, this switch features advanced functionalities, including trigger functions, programmable settings, and communication capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient power management.

The ATyS Series: Intuitive, Safe, and Robust Solutions

Socomec's ATyS series expands horizons with automatic transfer switches ranging from 125 to 3200 A. This comprehensive range constantly evolves to meet the growing demands of users, offering new features.

ATyS g Automatic Transfer Switches for Generators

Equipped with an automatic controller, these switches manage network/network and network/generator applications. With an RS485 communication option for monitoring, these devices provide advanced connectivity for centralized management.

ATyS p Programmable Automatic Transfer Switches

Offering advanced energy management functions, these switches feature communication options for optimal connectivity. They adapt to specific application needs, ensuring efficient and secure electrical distribution.


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