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The FINDER, PHOENIX CONTACT and OMRON industrial relay range

FINDER, PHOENIX CONTACT et OMRON industrial relays are devices designed for industrial applications and automation. They can be used in control cabinets, automated warehouses, elevator systems, the photovoltaic industry, the food industry and many other applications.

  • FINDER 38 Series - Modular EMR or SSR interfaces
  • FINDER 39 Series - Modular relay interfaces
  • FINDER 46 Series - Industrial power relays
  • FINDER 55 Series - Relays mostly for PCB or rack mounting
  • PHOENIX CONTACT: Pluggable industrial relays with configurable manual actuatioN
  • OMRON G2R: Plug-in relays with advanced functions
  • OMRON MY: Miniature Power Relay
Items 1 - 12 of 70
Items 1 - 12 of 70


What is an industrial relay for?

Industrial relays are essential electromechanical components in the industry to control high power circuits with weak control signals. They automate processes, manage energy and isolate circuits to ensure safety and reliability.


In which case use an industrial relay?

Designed for demanding environments, they offer special features like auxiliary contacts and built-in timers. Industrial relays are vital for protecting machinery and equipment by separating power circuits from control circuits. They prevent damage and ensure smooth operation of industrial operations. They play a key role in automation and control.


What is a miniature industrial relay?

A miniature industrial relay is a compact version of a standard industrial relay, suitable for tight spaces and applications requiring compact integration while maintaining the reliable switching performance and characteristics of traditional industrial relays.

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