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Modular relays

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Relay time delay

Relay time delay are a special category of control relays with an integrated timer function.


What's the difference between Relay time delay and electromechanical relays?

The difference lies in the point in time at which the output contacts activate or deactivate. On a conventional control relay, the contacts operate in response to the application or removal of a voltage to the coil. In contrast, time-delay relays ensure that the contacts activate before or after a pre-determined period of time. When choosing a Relay time delay, it's crucial to consider the specific nature of the delay required by the application in question.

What are the different types of timer?

Relay time delay offer a number of frequently used timing functions, including :
  • On-delay: the delay starts as soon as the voltage is applied.
  • Trigger delay: the relay is ready to be triggered as soon as voltage is applied.
  • Single trip mode: one-shot
  • Run interval: interval and flashing mode (run first/stop first)
  • Repeat cycle: relay contacts change state when voltage is applied, then time delay starts


How do I program a Relay time delay in an application?

When designing an application, it's important to understand the distinctions between the different categories of Relay time delay. This means taking into account what should initiate the timer, whether it should start simultaneously with the application of voltage, and when it should be triggered when the voltage is removed.


Relay time delay can be initiated by :

  • applying voltage
  • Closing or opening a trigger signal
Trigger signals can take the form of :
  • Control contactor (dry contact), such as limit switches, floats or pushbuttons
  • Voltage (electrical trip)

Where can Relay time delay be used?

Relay time delays are generally used in industrial applications, as well as in original equipment. They are of vital importance in many industrial processes, including small panel and sub-panel applications, lighting circuits, motor start-up control, sensitive equipment management, safety systems and timing sequences for conveyors.

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