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Surge arrester

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What is a surge arrester?

A surge arrester, also known as a surge protection device, is an electrical component designed to prevent damage caused by electrical surges.

How does a surge arrester work?

The operation of a surge arrester relies on diverting harmful surges away from our appliances. When a surge reaches the system, the surge arrester intervenes instantly, providing a path of least resistance for the surge. This effectively diverts excess current away from connected devices, protecting them from damage.

What types of surge arrester are there?

Surge arresters play a crucial role in protecting against electrical surges, but they come in different categories. Type 1, 2 and 3 arresters each offer specific levels of protection. Here are the main differences between these types of surge arresters.

Type 1 surge arresters

Type 1 surge arresters, also known as head surge arresters, manage electrical flows with wave lengths ranging from 10 to 350 µs. They are designed to withstand surges directly caused by lightning. They are installed outside the building, close to the point of entry to the electrical network. These surge arresters are capable of handling extremely powerful surges generated by lightning. They comply with the NFC 15-100 standard for regions at high risk of lightning strikes (Keraunic level > 25 days per year), also known as AQ2 zones. In these areas, Type 1 surge arresters are mandatory.

Type 2 surge arresters

Type 2 surge arresters, known as Level 2 surge arresters, only handle electrical flows with wave lengths between 8 and 20 µs. They are designed to protect internal equipment by reducing residual surges to a safe level. They are generally installed at the switchboard or near sensitive equipment. These surge arresters are effective in controlling overvoltages arising from voltage variations and electrical discharges. They are not suitable for zone AQ2. However, they represent a good level of protection for all areas where lightning can strike and damage electrical installations.

Type 3 surge arresters

Type 3 arresters, also known as Level 3 arresters, are additional surge protection devices. They are designed to be installed directly on sensitive equipment, such as computers and electronic devices. These arresters offer final protection by suppressing residual surges to a safe level.

How to choose the right type of surge arrester?

Choosing the right type of surge arrester depends on a number of factors, including the location of the building, the level of exposure to surges and the sensitivity of the equipment.

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